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Monday, May 16, 2011

ApplyESL made this video about CESL

Privacy Problems in Facebook: this movie was done by a GSE class.

In Your Face

This was done in an EAP1 class that was studying nonverbal communication, and especially the emotions that we show in the face. We can see students using their entire bodies to express these emotions.


Done by Mr. Leverett & class; this was a Newstalk class that was studying YouTube.

Done by Mr. Leverett's AE2 class, same term, same script

112 Youtube

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New YouTube blog

This blog was an old EAP1 weblog (from the old days) but students in 2009 were dropping work here. So, we are changing it; changing its title, its function, everything. We will put CESL YouTubes on here from now on.

Work below this picture was done either by EAP1 students in 2009 (mistakenly), or by EAP1 students in terms long ago.

Monday, August 03, 2009

What Reasons Lead to Stress

According to Amy Maxmen’ s article, secret shame, the author introduces what reasons lead to stress, what disease caused by stress, and how to conquer stress. The author said that shame is an important reason lead to stress and more stress will produce cortisol ,which is too bad to our body. Cortisol always comes from bad habits and poor emotion.
From the article, I know some reason lead to stress. However, I don’t agree with author’s points. In my opinion, I think that stress not comes from bad habits and poor emotion, and it comes from everyone’s mind.
First point should be mentioned that stress doesn’t come from bad habit. In most people’ eyes, bad habits are more salt intake, cigarette smoking and alcohol. They are all influence people’s health. Actually these bad habits are a way to release stress. I have a friend who likes smoking very much. When I asked him why are you often smoking and don’t know that is really bad for your health, he told me that in his eyes, smoking was a best way to reduce stress and ignore anxious. So that I think these bad habits just say that they are all bad for your health, but not lead to stress.
Then, author said that bad emotion also caused stress. Bad emotion includes angry, fear and anxious. They are also too bad to our body. At the same situation to bad habits, poor emotion is also a good way to release stress and depression. My mum has a bad temper and she always yelled at me. She looked like relaxed herself after she angry. I think that yell at others is also a good way to reduce stress. From the article, although it produces cortisol ,which is bad for our body, it can’t lead to stress.
The last point I should be mentioned that stress is always coming from our mind. Nowadays the rhythm of society has became faster and faster. People always try their best in everywhere. So they may meet stress. Actually stress is always coming from our mind. This mind let people do everything best and not stop. So people hard working all the time and sad for losing job. In order to reduce stress, people have to sleep more time and even have bad habits. It is to say that this bad mind leads to people get stress.
Everyone has stress ,which is not come from bad habits and poor emotion, just comes from everyone’s mind. Bad habits and poor emotion just help you to reduce stress. Actually stress is coming from mind. Keeping your mind relaxed is good. The world we live is not a heaven or a hell, and we just adapt it, enjoy it and live in it.
Maxmen, A. Secret shame. In psychology Today. Retrieved from http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/secret-shame


Friday, July 31, 2009


Today music is faster and heavier than before. They are accepted by most young people. Rock and pop are the most popular music style. But the are so hard for parents to accept. They prefer to listen to light and classical music. They like the traditional melody. It;s so boring for me. But i believe that soft rock will be the next generation. Soft rock music can express people is real emotions with not sucha noisy melody. People need listen to music to put off the stress that they have in work and life. So music keeps changing because people live in a different time have different kinds of emotions to express.


Smoking Survey Report

Smoking is becoming a big problem. Smoking can cause bad cancer, and many people have died because of the cancer. They start smoking for different reasons. Most people start smoking because of too much stress or because friends smoked. For young people, “Once people start smoking, they are likely to get along with the crowd.” (Smoking, 1998, para. 2). So there are many reasons for people to start smoking. However, if a person has been smoking for some time, it will be hard for this person to quit unless this person went to programs for training. Smoking causes a huge problem to our environment. It also effects the education for students. Some programs can really help smokers stop, and smokers are often stopped for a period of time. Then they always start smoking again. So I think people choose some more other ways to quit smoking, such as nicotine gum, cold turkey and so on. For so many reasons many diseases can affect a second hand smoker very quickly and a lot of second- hand-smokers died earlier than smokers. People think that smoking is relaxing for them, but it is really dangerous for their health. So the reasons for smoking make people think that they are right when they are smoking.

The main purpose for us to do the survey is to know more about smoking. We wanted to know are there females or males who had more smokers. And we also wanted to know some smoking-habits of the people. We tried to find out why people started smoking and how they could quit smoking.

I guess that there would be more male smokers than female smokers because males always get more stress than that females get. Most of smokers smoke alone? They quit smoking just by themselves? There are too many strange questions for us to find out. We tried to find some ways for people to quit smoking; they gave us some such as some nicotine gums or patch, cold turkey or training program to make them quit smoking as soon as possible.

We made eight questions on a survey so we could ask more people and get more information from the. And we didn’t just ask smokers; we also asked others that are not smokers. These questions were about where these people smoke, whether they were addicted or not, how they started and what the best ways for smokers to quit. So we wanted to know how smokers and non-smokers think about themselves.

We asked about 40 people in the Student center and Faner. Some of them are students or people that are working in Student Center. We always had a good conversation and then I wait a while and fill out their answers on the paper. These questions were asked for everybody not only for CESL students. They answered my questions carefully and comfortably. So we did well in these survey and we asked many people. We were trying to find many people and we did.

See appendix B

According these chart, we can know that there are more male smokers than female smokers, there is about 78.9% people are male, and 21.1% are female smokers. It’s the same as what I guess before the survey. Friends smoke and too much stress cause them to start smocking. They both are 42.9% of all the reasons. From the chart, we can know. Different people have different ways to quit smoking. Such as cold turkey, nicotine gum or nicotine patch. While program of training is the most popular way for smokes to quit smoking. It’s about 39.5%. It’s closed to what we guess.

VIII—Conclusion and discussion
My hypothesis is very closed to the true thing. Because I have some friend that are smokers. So I can know more about them. Today, people get much busy than before and much more stressful. They are lonely. So people strart smoking to over come the hard time. However, it’s not healthy. So people have some ways to quit smoking. It’s a good choice to quit smoking.
Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp. 31- 33. New York:
Cambridge University Press.


Smoking Survey Report

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Shalaigh has left us for somewhere we don't know....I hope you contact us and tell us where you are! You know the password!


Friday, December 10, 2004

The most important things to surviving 'CESL'


1. Teachers – We are need teachers for teaching us.
2. English Ability – We have to study English. We should improve our ability to speak English.
3. Family – Family always gives me reasons to live.
4. Friends – I am very gloomy without friends
5. Transportation – It is very convenient for us to use transportation.
6. Medical care – If I am sick. I have to go hospital
7. Good Health – It is the most important for me study.
8. Books – if I do not bring my book, teachers will scold me ^^*
9. Time – It is the most basic thing to live our society.
10. Money – if I do not have money, I would have to come back my motherland. And then , I should have to make a money

Just a moral idea

1. More reading before writing
2. More essay
3. More tests books for guide
4. EAP1 has to learn the computer program as tools of writing.
5. Initiative of reading journals and web articles will helpful on all tasks
6. Guessing always the meaning of vocabulary inside of looking from a dictionary
7. Writing course is just like your breakfast, listening like your lunch and reading like you're your dinner. You cannot survive without one of those three things.
8. Avoid memorizing the author’s words but formulate your own word according your knowledge.
9. You can be the best writer in your countries but I think all languages have its rules which we all need to follow.
10. Do not discourage of seen your teacher’s remarks in your writing essay but have yourself do your selfevaluated.

A list of 10 thing for surviving CESL

1. computer – we should use internet and ward in order to do every homework and prepare presentation.

2. textbook – course is based on textbook.

3. active attitude – we are a international student and we should get on well with other international students. And class is need to active attitude in order to more speak.

4. attendance – if we absent this class, we can learn English any more.

5. confidence – It is very difficult to speak in English because we can not fluency. So we need to confidence regardless whether we become incorrect when we speak in English.

6. enough sleep – if we didn’t sleep enough, we may snooze during class, and we can’t understand what teacher say.

7. money – we need to money in order to buy something such as, book, food and so forth.

8. dictionary – dictionary is help to find meaning of word and write essay.

9. time – to learn English we need to time.

10. international friends - we should talk to friends in English in order to improve our English

by You Jin Lee

The important things for surviving CESL

1. We have to have fast speed for typing. Because if you type slowly, you have to lose much time.
2. We have creative idea because of writing class.
3. We have to understand ‘writers workshop because the book has a lot of useful information.
4. We have to have capacity of summarize because the capacity is important to understand textbook.
5. We have to listen to teacher because of extra hints.
6. We have to have money because CESL is expensive.
7. We have to have quick wits because if you do not understand everything, you have to see other classmate motion and then follow the motion.
8. We have to attend most class time because if you do not attend this class, you can lose many things.
9. We separately have to study TOEFL in other time because of lot of homework.
10. Between teacher and we do not have to become enemy because if you have enemy, this is very uncomfortable situation.


Ten pieces of adiviece to survive CESL EAP1

Top ten lists

1- Time: make sure that you are on time in class and have time to do your homework.

2-Sleep: sleep a lot a home, don’t stay awake too late at home in order to wake up earlier, to sleep a lot, and to be punctual at CESL class.

3-Pencil: they are necessary for note taking, and more, with them you will be able to erase your errors.

4-Energy: CESL professors appreciate dynamic students, you have better not be lazy and boring.

5-Lunch: Between 12 o’clock pm and 1 o’clock pm you will certainty need to charge your batteries for the next class. So eat well and good.

6-Good humor: Be happy because it is definitely easier to work with happy people than with angry people. You could also understand more quickly if you are not irritated.

7-Tolerance: Because CESL students are usually International students, it will be good for you to accept them as they are. Who knows? Maybe you could make some friends or more…etc.

8-Clean clothes: I don’t think that teachers would like to work with somebody who is dirty.

9-Politeness: If you were vulgar, it’s about time you changed your attitude because you could embarrass your classmates with bad manners.

10-Be able to work in groups: you will have a lot of group activity, so if you were solitary you would be a handicap to your classmates.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Survey about body language

Center for ESL
EAP1 046 This is an anonymous survey for a class project.

Research questions:

Pease check on (X) one choice

1-Sex: a- Male …… b- Female ……

2-Age: a-18-21 …… b- 22-25 …… c- 26 or + ……

3-Nationality: a- American student……

b- International student: Please check on (X) for your continent.

* Africa …. * Europe ….

* Asia …. * India ….

* Latin America ….

4-Do you think that body language is important for communication?

a- Yes …… b- No ……

5-How often do you use body language?

a- never…… b- sometimes…… c- always…….

6-Do you think that children can influence you with eye contact?

a- Yes…. b- No….

7-Rank the following in order of least used to most used (from 1 to 3):

Eye contact..............
Facial expressions.......

8-What do you think about people who do not have eye contact?
Please circle your response.


9-How does Mona Lisa feel?

a- Happy…. b- Angry…. c- Unwilling…. d- Lonely…. e- Sad….

Mona Lisa

10-Between men and women, who masters body language?
a- men…. b- women…. c- both….



The purpose of this survey is to investigate the relation between gestures and languages in cross - culture.

1. Where are you from?
a. Asia
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. Latin America
e. U.S.A

2. Gender?
a. male
b. female

3. Age?
a. 18 ~ 21
b. 22 ~ 25
c. 26 ~ 30
d. 30 +

4. How do you greet someone close to you?
a. handshake
b. hug
c. kiss on the cheek
d. bow
e. wave

5. In which situation do you wiggle your thumb or your little finger?
a. pointing
b. hating
c. joking
d. ignoring

6. What body language do you use to attract someone?
a. eye contact
b. winking and talking
c. kissing on the mouth
d. touching
e. hugging
f. wearing sexy clothes

7. How do you express anger ?
a. twisted face
b. crying
c. knocking on the table
d. shouting and high temper

8. How do you lie to your partner or your best friend?
a. not to look in his/her face
b. talking fast
c. changing the topic
d. touching the neck
e. other ______________

9. How do you show happiness?
a. smiling
b. dancing
c. jumping
d. showing no emotion

10. How do you accept failure in your life?
a. crying
b. chatting with someone
c. learning from errors
d. changing environment



Center for ESL
EAP1 046
Research Question

(Direction): Please check (x) on one choice.

1. Sex (a) Female (b) Male

2. Age (a) 18-21 (b) 22-25
(c) 26-29 (d) More than 30

3. Educational level (a) Undergraduate student
(b) Master student
(c) PhD student

4. Did you take IQ test? (a) Yes (b) No

(If you chose NO, skip to Q7)

5. How did you feel about your IQ score? (a) Very satisfied
(b) Satisfied
(c) Neutral
(d) Unsatisfied
(e) Very unsatisfied

6. How would your IQ score change if you took the test again?
(a) Increasing
(b) Almost same score
(c) Decreasing

7. Does an IQ score reflect intelligence?
(a) Agree
(b) Disagree
(c) Don't know

8. Do you think a person with a high IQ (over 130 points) is smart?
(a) Agree
(b) Disagree
(c) Don't know

9. Do you think your IQ score matches your educational level?
(a) Agree
(b) Disagree
(c) Don't know

10. Is IQ test important for your life?
(a) Agree
(b) Disagree
(c) Don't know

Thank you so much